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To design a brand for a mental skills and mindfulness coach that was dynamic and simple. This client was a big fan of darkened reds and the idea of balance. She wanted simple, clean and to the point so her clients could understand she wasn’t about playing games and she didn’t want her brand to be either.  

This client was so fun because her practice is so special! She helps all athletes but focuses primarily on gymnasts’ mental health and how to identify what mental blocks may be triggering physical blocks in their performance. She wanted a brand without gimmicks to reflect that working with someones mental health should be nothing to play around with. This client really wanted to bring to light the impact mental balance has on improving athletic performance, so we incorporated that in the circles with her logo. Her typeface is bold and to the point as requested and the deep red asserts confidence and skill. This project was such a treat. Because of my client’s psychology background we got to work together to really come to the perfect brand for her.   


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