Mister brown’s playground

T.V. Show Pitch Package

Illustration + Branding + Graphic Design


To design a logo and brand for a children’s show pitch package to send to the Fred Rodger’s Company. My client wanted to incorporate crickets, shades of green and grey and something simple yet eye-catching for children age 3-7.

This project originally began with me creating the logo for a children’s show. Mister Brown and his animated pal, Chase the Cricket, bring kids along as they hop from community to community, learning about culture and new ways to play, while finding common ground. I really enjoyed the challenge of designing something that would grab attention from children and adults alike. Keeping the line work and branding simple and bold gives it an eye-catching feel, while still having the kiddish look children adore. Designing the pitch package was an extremely unique experience as each pitch package is unique to each show! I had to keep in mind the main focus of the package was to be easy to read, digestible, and more importantly not “too design oriented.” Too much imagery may distract the reviewer of the show. We worked to keep just enough information on a page without one being too daunting to read, all while portraying a professional appeal with just enough playfulness to keep the feeling of a children’s show. 

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Thank you to everyone who has given me a chance & to all who have helped me grow brighter. I couldn’t imagine my life without creative design.