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My challenge was to redesign MPWRSource’s website. This company I work for wanted a new site built on CMSHub to align with products and services offered by them. With an energetic brand, the use of the bright colors needed to be intentional, so the goal was to create a site that was clean and modern but packed a POW! to align with their branding. 

MPWRSource empower’s small to mid-sized B2B businesses, including start-ups, and local governments, with resources to grow revenue and provide best-in-class experiences for those our clients serve and employ. With a slight shift in their target market and an addition of services, the website needed to reflect who MPWRSource is today. I accomplished this task by cleaning up the pages by using the brand colors to enhance the copy, not letting it drown underneath it, which allowed for better UX + UI.

*note: Not all of MPWRSource’s graphic design were done by me. The specific work I have done for MPWRSource is below. 

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Thank you to everyone who has given me a chance & to all who have helped me grow brighter. I couldn’t imagine my life without creative design.