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Design Process

My typical design process is written out below. However, I am aware that every project is unique and may require a custom and tailored process. 



We will begin with a consultation and a questionnaire for me to better understand who you are and the desired project at hand. Once either or both of these are completed and we have decided if we are a good fit for each other, we can discuss quoting.


Formalities + Finding Direction

Once we have decided on or created a unique package that fits your business/projects’ best interest, I will forward over a basic agreement. This includes an invoice of our agreed upon price (50% up front), and a confirmation of start and end date. Here we will discover what kind of tone you want for your brand and you will have the opportunity to send me any materials or inspiration you may have. Once the basic agreement I forwarded is completed and returned I will begin the design process


Research + Design

Here I will begin letting my creative process flow! While keeping your target audience and your likes/dislikes in mind, I’ll design something authentic and intentional for you. Through a process of revisions and refinement, we will come to an agreed upon final project that we are both happy and comfortable with. 


Final Result 

Once we have come to a conclusion that the design is exactly where it needs to be, I’ll send you the final invoice. Once this has been paid, I will hand you off the final work (or launch your site)! All information your package requires and any additional training or guidance will also be sent to you. 




Get In Touch

Let’s Work Together!




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Thank you to everyone who has given me a chance & to all who have helped me grow brighter. I couldn’t imagine my life without creative design.