secondhand shenanigans

Operating From the Subconscious

Illustration + Packaging Design


To design cover art for a 4-part song “Operating From the Subconscious”. This client wanted 70’s influenced colors “but a little more pastel-ish” with a little bit of Salvador Dali dreamlike illustrations. 

I was lucky enough to watch this 4-part song/album progress from initial concept to finished product. To watch this duo work together to develop such a significant and unique project was a highlight of my career so far. Secondhand Shenanigans’ Operating From the Subconscious requires deep, intentional listening that takes you on a journey through the depths of your mind. With a Pink Floyd-like sound and an ambiance only one can dream of, I wanted to create an album cover that represented their music and style. The first released vinyl (purple waves version) only has 5 copies total! They wanted to have a completely unique version for all the main people involved in the project. The second release (orange crush version) is the official cover art for this project!

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Thank you to everyone who has given me a chance & to all who have helped me grow brighter. I couldn’t imagine my life without creative design.